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Company Information

I-Teco Company is a leading
Russian systems integrator
and provider of information technologies
for corporations.

Company Profile

I-Teco Company is a leading Russian systems integrator and provider of information technologies for corporations. Specializing on complete integrated infrastructure solutions, I-Teco implements information security systems, business applications and Data Centers, develops customer software infrastructure and maintains informational support, services and outsourcing. For 20 years, we annually realize a variety of multi-scale projects with different complexity level for major state structures and public sector, industrial and telecommunications companies, financial and insurance companies and SMB in Russian Federation and CIS. The multi brand approach allows I-Teco to create custom integrated solutions for each client in any field of businesses automation.

Founded in 1997, I-Teco group’s revenue made rubles 28.63 bln in 2015. Currently there are more than 15 regional offices in Russia and divisions in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. The company’s personnel comprises 2778 employees, whose high qualifications confirm more than 3400 certificates, including unique and rare ones in Russia.

Turnover Spread

The key development area of the company’s business is providing of high-quality IT-services and innovative solutions to customers. There are three considerable shares in I-Teco turnover: 43% accounts for the IT-services; hardware procurement in own projects made up 38% of the total turnover; software procurement in own projects — 15%.

I-Teco’s turnover is divided in the following economic sectors: Financial organizations and insurance companies — 28%; Public sector — 25%, Telecommunications and the energy sector — 21%; Industry, oil and gas, MIC — 10%; Retail, housing and communal services, transport and construction industry — 6%; Education, science, communications and media — 4%; Others — 6%.

Ratings and Our Team

As one of the most significant IT-integrators in Russia, I-Teco is listed in various rankings and every year holds dominant positions. Following the results of 2015-2016, the company has taken lead places in:

  • № 1 by total revenue/sale proceeds in the IaaS market in Russia (iKS Consulting)
  • Top-3 largest providers of the projects with building Data Center infrastructure in Russia (CNews Analytics)
  • Top-3 in IT-consulting (management consulting) in Russia (RAEX)
  • Top-5 suppliers of telecommunication services in Russia (RAEX)
  • Top-5 suppliers of IT-services in Russia (Kommersant Dengi /"Money" Magazine)
  • Top-5 IT-providers of the projects for public sector (TAdviser)
  • Top-5 IT-providers for banks (CNews Analytics)
  • Top-5 domestic ERP integrators (TAdviser)
  • Top-5 largest commercial Data Center in Moscow region (iKS Consulting; Research company of Modern Telecommunications) 
  • Top-10 largest Russian systems integrators in building IT-infrastructure (CNews Analytics)
  • Top-10 leading IT- companies in Russia (RAEX; TAdviser; Kommersant Dengi/”Money" Magazine)
  • Top-10 largest Russian consulting groups (Kommersant Dengi/”Money" Magazine; RAEX; CNews Analytics)
  • Top-10 leading companies in certain segments of the consulting services market (Kommersant Dengi/"Money" Magazine)
  • Top-10 suppliers of BI-solutions (CNews Analytics)
  • Top-10 largest providers of DPC services in Russia (CNews Analytics)
  • Top-10 biggest suppliers of constructing building's infrastructure complex projects (CNews Analytics)
  • Top-10 the most profitable Russian IT-companies (TAdviser)
  • Top-15 suppliers of SaaS in Russia (CNews Analytics)
  • Top-15 IT-companies in software development (RAEX)
  • Top-15 largest providers in retail (CNews Analytics)
  • Top-400 largest companies in Russia (RBC; RAEX)
  • Supplier of Moscow Government
  • Sochi 2014 Supplier
  • Reliable provider of the trading portal Fabrikant.ru

The company has created and implemented the TrustInfo Data Center with 1,200 rack spaces, the biggest Russian commercial DC of Tier III level, which currently has no equivalent in terms of functionality or disaster protection. The DC project is included in the Unified register of domestic software and broadens the range of I-Teco's products in the Unified register of the Russian software together with other innovations.

I-TECO team

More than 3400 certificates, including unique and rare ones in Russia, confirm professional high competence and expertise of 2778 employees:

  • Certified Data Center Design Professional – CDCDP, Accredited Tier Designer from Uptime Institute;
  • First certified experts of the highest specialization HCIE R&S (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert in the direction of Routing& Switching);
  • The only certified expert of Cisco BVP (Business Value Practitioner);
  • NetApp Excellence in Ensuring Customer Success Award.


Chairman of the Board Alexey Remizov is on the list of Top-10 the most influential leaders at Russian IT-companies and Top-25 best IT-managers (CRN/RE ranking).

Director of strategic development Vladimir Lvov and Sales director Alexey Kuzin appeared in the Top-10 best directors in IT-sector (Russian Managers Association and Kommersant).

PR Director Elena Petrova is among the Top-50 CSR managers (Russian Managers Association and RBC).

Partnership and Experience

Every year the company successfully implements thousands of projects for more than 600 customers in Russia and CIS using innovative hardware and software solutions. I-Teco successfully develops the partnership with leading global vendors including HPE, Microsoft, Cisco, Huawei, NetApp, IBM, Fujitsu, VMware, Dell EMC, Oracle, Symantec, and many others. Engineering team of company possesses the complete set of statuses, competences and partner awards:

  • One of the major HPE Platinum Partner in Russia including converged infrastructure specialist, software business, printing and computing business lines. In 2013 I-Teco became the strategic partner of HPE Autonomy to develop the Big Data technologies. Holder of HPE NonStop technology center and a few special awards at 2014-2017 for:
    • successful sales of HP Proliant and HP storage systems;
    • the promotion of Blade Servers, Virtual Connect and HPE OneView;
    • active promotion of HPE technologies for SMB clients on Russian market (trice during 2013-2015);
    • the largest number of certified technical specialists and promotion of the corporate Intel flash drivers (2016).
  • Partner of the Year in Russia Awards of Microsoft, VMware, Fujitsu, Red Hat (2012–2014).
  • Premier Partner: IBM, ESET, VMware, Blue Coat, Tipping Point, and Red Hat, DVE Premier Solution Partner.
  • The only one in Russia NetApp Star Partner, NetApp Excellence in Ensuring Customer Success Award holder; for creative marketing with NetApp (2016).
  • Platinum Partner: Oracle, TmaxSoft, Kaspersky Lab, Aladdin RD, Fortinet Inc.
  • Golden Partner: Avaya, Avanpost, Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco (as well as Cisco Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence status), Inspur, Intel Security (McAfee), Polycom, S-Terra Veritas, Veeam, CommVault.
  • Strongest Growth of the Year Awards of VMware, Citrix and Veeam.
  • Fujitsu Best Ambassador of the Year in EMEA region.
  • SAP AG outsourcing provider status: SAP Hosting Services Partner; Cloud Services Partner и Application Management Services (AM`S) Partner; Certified by Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) in SAP ERP and SAP Business Object (2012).
  • Silver Partner of Hitachi, SafeNet, Symantec, Trend Micro, Palo Alto Networks, Cyber-Ark, F5 Networks.
  • Certified partner of Infinidat, Mellanox, Schneider Electric, InfoWatch, DrWEB, Infotecs, Positive Technologies, Balabit, BSI, GreenMDC, RiT Technologies, Fujitsu Technology Solution Select Partner.
  • Premium Partner of Group-IB and Lenovo, Eurolan Europe AB Partner, Juniper Select Partner, Dell Preferred Partner (Dell Best Partner of SMB-sector in Russia), 3 stars Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Development of Expertise

Some business lines, including IT-outsourcing, business intelligence and management consulting, are successfully upgrading by experts of subsidiary companies included in I-Teco Group.

  • BI Partner, www.bipartner.ru (included in I-Teco Group since 2009), develops expertise in the areas of business intelligence, data warehousing, corporate control systems of normative-reference information, automation of budget management, systems of corporate search and retrieval of knowledge. Among the company’s clients are diversified organizations, seeking to open new business opportunities and improve the quality and speed of business management, effectively using information assets and implementing new technologies for information processing. The company is the official partner of the leading software developers such as IBM, Oracle, SAP.
  • Servionica, www.servionica.ru, is a full service integrator that provides more than 120 services in the field of IT-infrastructure outsourcing, cloud technologies and Data Center solutions, contact center, development, implementation and support of the IT-solutions, engineering solutions, auditing and consulting. The company successfully develops and creates its own cloud services on Open Stack platforms and other open technologies. Some of them have already achieved a strong position in the market: "Socrates" software and hardware appliance; RUSTACK is a unique cloud platform that enables you to launch a virtual domain or private cloud that meets the requirements of regulators in the information security field; platform for building private and hybrid clouds eCloud; service for self-creation and management of the IT-infrastructure MakeCloud. TrustInfo Data Center, directed by  Servionica, represents one of the Top-3 largest commercial Data Centers in Russia (iKS Consulting, CNews, 2016), corresponding to the Tier III level of reliability and PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard. Today the project has been included in the Unified register of domestic software, complements and expands the range of I-Teco's products in the Unified register of the Russian software together with other innovations. Servionica’s affiliate network unites 130 companies in 85 regions of the Russian Federation (including the Crimean Federal district) and in CIS. The company was established in 2012, based on the I-Teco Service Center that has completed more than 700 projects of outsourcing support services and development of customers’ IT-infrastructure.
  • LogiCall, founded in 2013, is one of the largest distributed outsourcing contact center in Russia, that provides full possible support in maintaining communication services, including processing of incoming calls, virtual office, information support services for clients and employees and handling telemarketing campaigns.
  • Vitte Consulting, www.vittecon.ru (founded in 2014 based on I-Teco Business Consulting Department), is a young company on the consulting market of Russia. The company’s activities focus on the provision of tangible and intangible assets and people management services, as well as the implementation of ITSM solutions management systems. Experience, gathered over many years, and the I-Teco company’s deep expertise, especially in providing business consulting services in such industry segments as energy, oil, and gas, transport and freight traffic activities, banks and trade, education and health, allows Vitte Consulting to implement projects of any complexity as I-Teco’s full-fledged successor.
  • RASSE (Development of Telecommunications Systems and Power Economy), www.rasse.ru, as a new young brand on the telecommunication and energy market of Russia was founded in 2014 based on the Department of Networks and Telecommunications. RASSE specializes in customized solutions creation for customers in telecommunications and network industries. A high level of expertise, multi-brand approach and vast experience, possessed by certified developers and skilled engineers, allow "RASSE" to design and successfully implement a range of specialized technological solutions.
  • 2Talk develops a platform for web monitoring, high-load text processing in different languages, including entity analysis, entity relation extraction, opinion extraction and sentiment analysis.

Sochi 2014 Supplier

As a Supplier of the XXII Olympic Winter and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, I-Teco successfully completed a number of significant and complex projects, such as:

Creation of computer-based Spectator Registration System, organization of work of 18 Spectator Registration Centers and issuing 840 thousand Spectator and Bump-in Passes.

Implementation of the Unified Identification System (UIS) which is based on radio-frequency technologies; providing innovative catering services for electronic vouchers, deferred and mobile printing, 24/7 technical support.

For the big contribution to preparation and successful holding of the Olympic Games some of project managers were picked up state and government awards: medals and diplomas on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin, gratitude from the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation D. A. Medvedev, Federal Security Service’s leadership and public organizations.

After the Games, Dmitry Chernyshenko, President of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, praised the work of I-Teco team.

He expressed his gratitude for the great contribution in the preparation and successful hosting of the Games. Based on effective cooperation with the company, Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee recommended I-Teco as a reliable and responsible partner, capable to perform IT projects of any complexity and scale.


Innovations. Made in I-Teco

Moreover, I-Teco has its own solution developments:

  • A system of knowledge extraction from documents Analytical Courier
  • Factual information management system X-Files
  • A system of significant legal document flow i-Konto
  • Social media monitoring system Brand Analytics
  • Automated truck control system TransBase
  • Automated information system “Corporate Tickets
  • Virtual office desktop DaaS
  • Information security legal-reference system Prometheus
  • Software package of enterprise virtualization, allowing constructing enterprise VDI/VPS systems at any level, “EC2015- Terem”
  • Universal front office for commercial banks Spectrum, which helps in automation and standardization of all service operations.
  • A protected cloud platform for deploying virtual IT- infrastructure RUSTACK, "Socrates" software and hardware appliance
  • Automated service for the creation and management of virtual IT-infrastructure to SMB MakeCloud
  • Effective solution for making monitoring of the telecommunication networks Kometrix

Today five I-Teco's products Analytical Courier, X-Files, RUSTACK, i-Konto and “EC2015- Terem” are included in the Unified register of Russian software.


How to reach us

I-Teco Head Office

15, Kedrova St
Moscow, 117036, Russia

Tel: +7 (495) 777-10-95
Fax: +7 (495) 777-10-96

E-mail: income@i-teco.ru

Головной офис

117036, г. Москва, ул. Кедрова, 15

+7 (495) 777-10-95


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